Viewpark Community Halls


Community halls within Viewpark are listed below, with links to their websites and social media pages (if available).

Other nearby halls or venues that are available for community, public and private functions are also listed.

If any details shown are incorrect, please send any corrections to us by e-mail.

Burnhead Community Centre
Burnhead St, Viewpark
G71 5AT
Call: 01698 815919
NLC Link

Viewpark Community Education Centre
59 Kew Gardens, Viewpark, Uddingston, G71 6LT
Call: 01698 817500
NLC Link

Joe McKay Community Facility
Liberty Rd, Bellshill

Call: 01698 845339
NLC Link

Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre
Busby Rd, Bellshill ML4 2BW
Call: 01698 842215
Website   Facebook

Safety Zone Community Centre
61 Gairbraid Terrace, Bargeddie
G69 7SN
Call: 0141 773 2151
Community hall website
Community hall Facebook page
Community hall Twitter page
Community hall YouTube channel

Old Monkland Community Centre
Lismore Dr, Coatbridge ML5 5PG
Call: 01236 428047
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