Mollinsburn & Annathill – Doctors Surgeries


Doctors Surgeries near Mollinsburn & Annathill are listed below, including links to their websites and social media pages (if available), plus links to websites relating to health and well-being.

Telephone numbers shown must only be used for arranging appointments and visits by your doctor during daytime.

At all other times and for medical advice call NHS 24 (Call: 111) or visit the NHS Inform website by clicking here.

DIAL 999 FOR EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY if immediate medical attention is required for an accident or extreme illness.

If any details shown are incorrect, please send any corrections to us by e-mail.


Glenmanor Surgery
69 Glenmanor Avenue

G69 0LB
Call: 01236 872276
No surgery website available.

Jamieson Medical Practice

18 Blackwoods Crescent

G69 0EN
Call: 01236 872539
Surgery website


Health and wellbeing websites.

NHS 24

NHS Lanarkshire

Scottish Government policy on health and wellbeing in schools

Wellbeing Scotland