Carmichael & Hyndford Bridge – Community Halls


Community halls within or near Carmichael and Hyndford Bridge are listed below, with links to their websites and social media pages (if available).

If any details shown are incorrect, please send any corrections to us by e-mail.


Carmichael Hall
School Road, Carmichael
ML12 6PG
SLC Link

Pettinain Hall
Village Square, Pettinain
ML11 8SS
SLC Link

Ravenstruther Hall
Lanark Road, Ravenstruther
ML11 7SS

Lanark Memorial Hall

St Leonard Street, Lanark
ML11 7AB

SLC Link

Harry Smith Centre

Thomas Taylor Avenue, Lanark
ML11 7DG

SLC Link

Carstairs Community Centre
School Road, Carstairs
ML11 8QF

Rigside Hall
Muirfoot Road, Rigside
ML11 9LY
SLC Link

Thankerton Hall

51 Station Road, Thankerton
ML12 6NZ
SLC Link